Public transport can be a hassle, especially with strike like last Monday. But as it is sometimes unavoidable, it is best to smile and move on.

I changed the 15 cm high heels by the 10 cm one and went to the bus stop. The bus arrived, but I didn’t get it, too full and the route was longer. I preferred to wait for the next hoping to sit. Five minutes later the bus arrived, crowded. I took it anyway.

Very hot. People talking loud, very loud. I held on the banks how I could. Someone went to the exit and pushed me, I touched a guy. Immediately I felt something growing against my bum. I smiled and didn’t move. Or better, I wiggled my bum rubbing his cock. He did the same.

We play this game until the time I should get down. I pressed the stop button and he whispered into my neck “are you really going?”. I turned my face to the side and spoke softly “if I had time I would mke you cum here.” And I got off the bus.

I walked into the first store I saw, I said I was not feeling well and asked if I could use the toilet. I lightly brushed two fingers in the pussy, then took them to my mouth, sucked, back to pussy and with them there, inside and out, I came. Quickly and intensely.

So I straightened my dress, washed my hands and wrists, and refreshed the neck. I thanked the clerk and left the store still breathless and a throbbing pussy. My lips had a smile sure of having done my duty.


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