B’day Party

Last week a coworker had birthday. After work we would celebrate in a bar where another friend, musician, will perform. At lunchtime, we had a small party in the company.

After lunch, I went to the tattooist as it was the day to book the new tattoos and make another piercing, the fifth.

My friend, which made birthday, was with me. It was he who introduced me to the tattooist (who made the jewel on my back). We are very close, when I come earlier he picks me up at the train station, we always have lunch together and then we go out for ice cream or just walking.

In the evening, we had a cake with candles to celebrate again. At 18h we should go to the bar, the music would start at 19h, the place is small and we wanted a good table.

My friend was in the office to finish a reservation and I stayed  because it was my day picking up trash and I had not had time to do this earlier.

When he finished I was in my room and he said I hadn’t given him a hug. I laughed and said, “It’s because I was planning to give you something else.”

So I gave him a tight hug as he had asked and we kissed and touched ourselves. So I asked him if he wanted a better gift or something more fun. He asked: “Better how?”. I put my hands on his cock and said, “that way” and, without giving him time to answer, I opened his pants, pulled the dick out and, on my knees, began to lick it, then I put it into my mouths and played with hands and mouth. When I realized he would cum I put the whole cock in my mouth and swallowed it all.

And we went to the bar.


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