He was tired, he worked a lot that day, mind work, trying to be better than the others. And he was. He got what he wanted. He always got. But he was tired and need to relax.

He entered his room. She was there waiting for him, waiting for this moment all day long. They had some wine and she leads him to the warm water in the bath tube. He entered it and feel the warmth. He close his eyes and relaxed.

With a soft sponge, she lathered his body. Every inch. Trying to make him forget any and everything. Even the warm water, the lather, her touch. I’d take that anytime, he thought.

She continued to do it. He was almost lethargic, almost in another world. He was all sensations.She could not resist and gave him head.

She could not resist and give him head. She knew how to do it and also knew he likes it.

Yes, he moaned.

They never did it in water before and when he cummed, lots of cum, she didn’t take it all, she lather herself with it. He laughed. She said she would like more, but now was not the time. She left the tube, and got a towel to him.

She left the tube and got a towel to him. She tried to dry him but he was so tall and big, she let him do it. She took his hand and led him to the huge bed, waiting for him to be ready to fuck her.

She is so tiny next to him, yet she can take in all he offers to her… She has promised him to meet in her most fertile period. And she always does what she promises. This was the day.

Does she want to get pregnant to please him? Everything she does is to please him, to get his wonderful smile. When he smiles to her she feels he is free.

Good night, he said, Sleep tight…

fairy tale

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