Let Me Tell You Something…


Well, let me tell you something.

We went Mom, our friend and I to this cocktail party. Mama sat down with my aunt and they talked all night. My friend and I admired the works for a while until other friends arrived and we stayed there drinking and talking.

The service was done by a company that uses high-class young people who have an excellent education, great looks and wants to increase the allowance.

There was a guy with a beautiful, large, colorful dragon tattooed on one of his arms. He served sparkling wine. He served me several times and in one of them, he commented on my blade tattoo. We talked a little about tattoos, I said I have 24, he said he has 5. When he came to serve me again I made a comment about the dragon and he asked me if I would like to see the whole thing. Of course I said yes. He asked me to wait a little.

Soon he came back and said: come with me. And he took me out of the house, into the back garden. He took off his black T-shirt and I could see, beyond the dragon, his firm, young body. I touched the dragon and said that it was really very beautiful. He looked deep into my eyes and pulled me, sticking my body into his. I could feel his hard cock. I moaned. He said that since he had seen me he wanted to fuck me. I said: do it!

He stuck his hand through my tights and panties and felt my wet pussy. He called me yummy, delicious and put the cock out. I lowered my tights and panties and he stuck his hard, hot cock inside me, moaning. In and out, in and out… When I felt he was going to cum, I went down and put his cock in my mouth and drank it all. My pussy throbbed. I love the sensation.

I arranged my clothes and went inside. I didn’t go to the bathroom, I wanted to feel my wet pussy. He returned to serve me wine and I could see that his cock was hard again.

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