The Arrow

The piercings on my nipples made them more sensitive at the same time they stagnated the strange pain I felt when they were touched.

The idea was to replace the former with larger, wider piercings after healing. After six months it was time for the exchange. But I didn’t get the pair and I decided to change only one and wait for the other. The chosen, an arrow with a red heart. The perfect jewel.

I went to Berlin to find L. I wanted to, I needed him to touch me, to lick me, to melt me with his spunk. I wanted and needed him to suck my nipples with strength and lust. I wanted to, I needed to feel his tongue playing with my nipples. I wanted to, I needed to feel the pleasure and lust of having him there, plunged between my tits.

And L gave me all that. And it was an explosion of pleasure and joy …


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