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Him by Her

He is my owner! He owns my body and he owns my soul to use as he may wish! I don’t mind where he is ‘cause I have him in my body. Forever! Nothing can ever change that and people hate it.

He chose me because I am I and because he knows he can control me and model me to become the woman in his mind. I used to try to resist, but no more. I don’t think about why anymore, my only wish is to serve my Master.

He tries to be hard but he is really gentle, almost too gentle and sweet. He is intense and focused. When he wants something, he gets it. He made me grow up in many ways, to realise who I really am and who I want to be. He also gave me the world.

When he touches me my body come to life! When he is inside me time stands still and then he cums … He makes me cry!

Her by Her

I’m just an ordinary woman caught by a man who has become my Master. I am under transformation and will no longer be an ordinary woman but someone very different…

Her by Him

I remember the first time I set my eyes on her as if it was yesterday, this is a lady that every man and woman will notice on the spot. She is self-aware, enjoys being noticed and is so confident of her attractiveness… Her looks; very petit and very feminine. Always in very very high heels, a revealing skirt, a top that exposes her breasts and/or her tattooed neck, long black nails, large golden rings on all fingers, heavy jewellery, often a wide and tight black leather collar and very heavy make-up with a distinct red mouth and black eyes with long lashes. Her ears are both pierced with multiple earrings and her hair is red, so very red… She loves when people look at her! Her inside is wild and crazy, she is smart and intelligent, has the highest level of integrity, no regrets and very few limits as long as it is what she wants. What about her sex life? Needless to say, she is experienced, active, loud and outspoken, horny and open for penetration x 3. A woman that drives any man and perhaps a woman totally crazy with desire. It has taken her master a lot of work and effort to bend her into the submissive slave she has become today.

Him by Him

He is two men in one, the official man who is well respected and highly placed in the society. Successful and well know, always well dressed and well-behaving. Then the second man, the true man – much more an animal driven by basic instincts. Driven by the strongest instinct of all, to be a man and dominate his female, take her and bend her, use her for his pleasure, and make her breed his offspring. This is the man you meet here!


Her inner secret desire …

Her man, the master, with earrings in both ears and a long, black skirt with heavy boots. The earrings are now in place, time for the next step!

His inner secret desire …

His woman, the slave, with his mark tattooed on her pussy and her breasts large and hard as melons of honey. The mark is now in place, time for the next step!

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