Purple Rain

There are things I want to do and never do. I share some, others not. Is nice to share so people are prevented even don’t believe that one day I will do it. L already encourages me and when I hesitate, he challenges me (the trick is to tell him to be challenged). So finally…


I am Grey. I stand between the candle and the star. We are Grey. We stand between the darkness and the light. Satai Delenn

Perfect Shot

We met last week. eBefore a new video I gave you a perfect shot of Her and her new tattoos!


As we said in Decisions, we want to go further. One of the steps is have my ears all pierced. Last time I did was very traumatic so I tried to postponed. But decided to make the 4th one to feel how it would be. Here is the result. What I can say is that…

At The Supermarket

The other day when I got off the bus on the way back from work, I went to the supermarket to buy lettuce (one of my addictions). I was wearing a black and white dress, black satin shoes and, of course, my collar. I left my briefcase in the lockers and went in. I picked…