Night in Copenhagen

One great thing about spending time in bigger cities is that they have their local swingers clubs. We have really got to like the swinging lifestyle so we go as often as possible. This time we tried out City Swingers 1 which turned out to be a nice place. Sorry, no cams are allowed inside…

XXX & B-lin

After meeting in London, late last year, we now decided to spend time visiting Amsterdam and Berlin. Dri has always preferred wearing dresses while I have this thing about her dressing sexy and slutty. Together we decided on a compromise that made us both happy. Dri was to bring and wear only dresses during our…

Corona Go Away!

Dri and I were chatting half the night yesterday. It’s driving us crazy with frustration not being able to meet and have sex with each other. We both need that, it’s difficult to get so intimate and open with other sex partners. Corona, go away so we can enjoy the exchange of our body fluids…


We met some days ago and our focus was on pregnancy.That was the right moment. ..

No Pain, No Gain

Finally, Ð pierced her tits. They will be wonderful in a white sheer top. Our next meeting will be wonderful. She was brave and made a video of the process. Yes, Ð, no pain, no gain. But I bet it worth.    


Here we are relaxing together. If the video doesn’t load, please check it at XVideos.