In Sao Paulo

Dear Little Devil, thanks for wonderful days in Sao Paulo. Before meeting we made some plans such as not to be more than 30 cm apart at any time, to enjoy golden showers, to meet with C and do a triangle as we both so much enjoyed the DP in Amsterdam and naturally to enjoy…

Messing Up The Sheets

We had not met for a long time so when we finally did this is what took place after 15 seconds … … and then we did it like 10 times that same afternoon. Guess what the sheets looked like after that … <3 <3 .


tor·so noun noun: torso; plural noun: torsi; plural noun: torsos the trunk of the human body. synonyms: body, upper body, trunk, chest “a clay figure of his torso” the trunk of a statue without, or considered independently of, the head and limbs. an unfinished or mutilated thing, especially a work of art or literature. “the Requiem torso was preceded by the…

Her Wet Ass

She has a delicious ass. I like to play there… If the vid doesn’t load you can watch at Xvideos.

Shine On You …

A viking tattoo deserves my viking cum. (I) Shine on you (my) crazy diamond. Shine on you crazy diamond, by Pink Floyd