Three Glory Holes

L asked me to post some pictures from London, December 2012 meeting. They are really nice and we didn’t post much. Ok, I said. But before it, some of the new tattoos. What do you think? Do you like?

Meeting a Friend

That’s not a great story but will be the last until I meet L next week. Last Saturday I went to buy some hair stuff and met a friend there. He went shopping with me than we had some fruit juice and water (I always drink water). Then he tried to kiss me and, believe…

Mr. T Pics

The name of my friend T could be Teaser. The game we play, take and send pictures while chatting on KIK, is really fun and exciting. The slideshow is the result of last Tuesday section. If the vid doesn’t load you can watch at Xvideos or at Xtube.


Some say tights are sexy. I don’t know. Due the surgery I found a new way to wear it (ok, not really, I wear that way before during ballet classes). Someone said it sexy. What do you think?