Paris, September 2021

Finally, fully vaccinated we could meet after so long. We decided to take a trip to Paris and I have to say that we had a fantastic time, thanks Ð for being my doll! I think we both were extra hot not having had sex with each other for such a long time. Now we…

Toy Story 6

Ð went out to meet some friends at a café. L asked her to use something inside her pussy and then go to the toilet, masturbate and send him a picture. She decided for the anal plug with balls (she likes it more inside her pussy than in her ass). She entered the toilet and…

No Pain, No Gain

Finally, Ð pierced her tits. They will be wonderful in a white sheer top. Our next meeting will be wonderful. She was brave and made a video of the process. Yes, Ð, no pain, no gain. But I bet it worth.    


Here we are relaxing together. If the video doesn’t load, please check it at XVideos.      

Lilla Fitta

The other day we made another tattoo, very special. As it would be quick, we decided to film all the process.  The result is bellow. Tell us what you think. If the video doesn’t load, watch at YouTube.