Ouroboros and the Devil II

It’s just another nice pic L took in Copenhaguen. As I wrote in Ouroboros and the Devil: The snake was a dream. I wished it for a long time. He pushed me to do it. I didn’t tell him when I made; he was somewhere in Asia, I think. But I could see his eyes…


It was exactly a year ago that this blog went live. A gift for L. It is difficult to give a gift to someone who has everything. Since then our journey became public. We do not hesitate to share, in ask opinion, to show a little more of us. It was fun to plan what…

Toy Story 2

Well, sometimes I can have both… mmmmm If you cannot watch here try direct in Xtube or Xvideos.

Happy 2013

We wish to thank you all for your support. In 6 months we had more than 4.000 visits. Thank you! And a Happy 2013. Ð and L.