We met some days ago and our focus was on pregnancy.That was the right moment. ..

The Arrow

The piercings on my nipples made them more sensitive at the same time they stagnated the strange pain I felt when they were touched. The idea was to replace the former with larger, wider piercings after healing. After six months it was time for the exchange. But I didn’t get the pair and I decided…

No Pain, No Gain

Finally, Ð pierced her tits. They will be wonderful in a white sheer top. Our next meeting will be wonderful. She was brave and made a video of the process. Yes, Ð, no pain, no gain. But I bet it worth.    


Here we are relaxing together. If the video doesn’t load, please check it at XVideos.      

In Sao Paulo

Dear Little Devil, thanks for wonderful days in Sao Paulo. Before meeting we made some plans such as not to be more than 30 cm apart at any time, to enjoy golden showers, to meet with C and do a triangle as we both so much enjoyed the DP in Amsterdam and naturally to enjoy…