1. Hi Dri,

    Both getting our vaxx now we can start planing next meet ??. We have both agreed to go to an adult resort to relax and play, the two of us but hooefully also we can have more playmates. I want to give you my jizz, a lot of it. We both really want you pregnant, to have you with a huge belly dressing very erotic and sexy – wiw, it has to happen. I want to walk down the street with you holding hands and touching your big belly. You will look so good in sn ultrashort tight dress and no panties. I will be so proud!!! ??????/ Soon!!!

    1. Hi L,

      Sure we can start planning. It’s a long time we don’t meet, play and have fun together. The adult resort is really a great idea, we need and deserve the fun we talk about many times. Pregnancy, I don’t know if it will happen but we must try while it is possible to me. It would be wonderful to walk by your side – you holding me tight – down the street and feel your hands on me. Please? Soon…

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