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Bal Masqué

She had no desire to go to the Bal Masqué, but He, among other things, had asked her to go. She prepared herself all day for this.

The ball would begin at 22h. At 19h she dined still in doubt. At 20h took a shower and started to prepare herself, even if in the end decided not to go. Mixed her favorite perfume to skin oil, delicate and carefully spread throughout the body. Chose panties, dress and shoes she would wear.

She then began to makeup, the part that she (and He) liked more. She could spend hours there, gently passing the brushes on the skin, wondering what would happen that night. She used shades of purple, after all it would be a witch, and purple is her favorite color.


She dressed, put the cover later. And left. Got a good place to park the car, near the entrance. She waited a bit in the car, not to be one of the first to arrive, she wanted to be seen and not see. And yet had the chance to go away without entering.

She thought about what He had asked. If she wanted; whether it was worth. She checked the makeup, put the cover and put up courage and went inside. After all, He had asked.

The light was diffuse, colored lights flashed, music filled the room. She walked around the room, recorded in the memory the location of the table of cheeses and cold cuts, sweets, ande where she could sit. Greeted a friend or two and went to the bar.


She asked water and stood there watching the movement. The hall was filling slowly, people laughed, danced, drank, ate. She circled by all environments until decided to dance. She was glad not to meet friends of which was difficult to get rid.

She began dancing at the edge of the dance floor and gradually towards the center. Some time later she felt someone touching her, and helding her from behind, in a way inviting her to dance. She allowed. She remembered that this was what He wanted. And for that she was there.

They danced touching each other for some time, so the guy came over, grabbed her face with both hands and kissed her. They continued kissing and touching as they danced around the room. But it was a hot night and she was thirsty. They went to the bar, took one water each, and went to the terrace.

They stood around touching, kissing, rubbing. They walked a bit and found a semi-hidden bank near a bush. They sat down and continued to play.


There were more people on the terrace but a little drunk, and wouldn’t notice them. The guy made her sit on his lap, facing him. She stroked his cock and slowly began to open his pants. She stuck her hand inside them and held strong. The guy touched her tits. And praised. She thought He would be proud. She had made them, the tits, for Him.

She then decided to reward the guy. She held his face and said, wanna fuck me? The guy scared a little, but said yes. She got the cover in order to hide them. She pulled the guy’s dick out, pushed her panties to the side and sat on it.

The guy held her waist and helped in the movements up and down, moaning. She kissed the guy so no one would hear them. While fucked, she thought of Him, she knew He would like to be there watching. This turned her on even more and she cummed just before the guy.

She pulled away from the guy, got the panties, the dress. And walked away, leaving the guy there, puffy. Her pussy was throbbing, dripping. She stopped at the bar, picked up another water, went to the toilet and cleaned herself as a slut.


A slut, as He wanted her to be. And that was what she was. His slut.




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