The Poem

L wrote me a wonderful poem … and I felt it had to be preserved forever. Jag längtar efter att han kommer till mig alldeles hård, han gör mig våt. Ögonblicken när han penetrerar mig och delar sin varma säd är de lyckligaste i mitt liv. Kom igen, i mig … in Swedish Ég þrái…

The Arrow

The piercings on my nipples made them more sensitive at the same time they stagnated the strange pain I felt when they were touched. The idea was to replace the former with larger, wider piercings after healing. After six months it was time for the exchange. But I didn’t get the pair and I decided…

One Through Ten

After almost a year, I did the tenth ear piercing. There is little left for the goal of a dozen. I hope to reach you by the end of the year (if I’m brave, before that). For now, count to ten with me. ..

Sex On The Beach

We went again to Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago. It seems Amsterdam is “our place”. Beautiful sunny and hot days, so we decided to go to the beach at Ijmuiden aan Zee. And there we had some fun…    


I don’t need chains to be tied to L, but I don’t mind (and really like) when he put it on my new collar and show the world that I belong to him.