The other day I went to a workshop, a coworker would meet me there but she was late, to not waste time, I started without her. In the second table I passed, an airline, there was a very interesting guy, we started talking about the company’s services and, as I had traveled with them recently, the talk was long.

The workshop lasted all day with a short break for lunch and two coffee breaks. To close the event a flamenco dance performance. While we waited, the guy approached my group and we continue to talk. When the dance was over, more exchange of business cards and farewells.

I go alone to the hotel exit and the guy came after me. He called me and asked for a drink in the hotel bar. It was a beautiful and warm day. I accepted. The sun began to set down and the sky was pink, yellow, blue, light and dark, a beautiful effect of the hour and the pollution. We went to the terrace. He touched me from behind, and whispered in my ear and the whispers turned into kisses. I turned to face him and we kissed.

I said I had to go and he asked me to stay a little longer. We stood there watching the evening kissing and touching. He said it was time for dinner and then he will take me home. We sat side by side and he put his hand inside my skirt looking for my wet pussy and masturbated me as he whispered silly things in my ear.

It was a great dinner.


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