Le Vernisssage

I’m pornographic, perverted, but I like art and whenever I can, I go to any event and a grand opening is always fun and busy. I went yesterday to one of these events. Paintings, sculptures, performances, installations.

I was wearing a black set of broad and long pantaloons. Red satin shoes. Nothing to call attention. Soon I moved to a room where there was an installation. It was a dark room with a projection screen on each side, there was a wireframe neon-green cube and a neon-orange wireframe sphere, both spinning, and among them was a black-light lamp. The combination of movement and light generated patterns on the screens. Simply mesmerizing.

I stood there, standing with a glass of sparkling wine, my thoughts far, far away. The room was full. People looking, talking, taking pictures. And I was standing there, far away. I just felt their presence, distant, as if I was in another world.


A man stopped right next to me and suddenly started whispering obscenities in my ear. I got wet immediately. Confident and daring he put his hand on my waist and this gesture has signed his sentence. I turned to him and asked, “do you want to fuck me?”. With an affirmative answer I put a hand on his cock, hard, and said, “Can not today, but if you do what I say may be a possibility.” Anything, just ask, was the answer I got.

“Go to the toilet, cum and get me your wet fingers so I can lick them. I’ll wait for 10 minutes.” The intent was to push him away, but eight minutes later he returned with the sticky fingers. In the dark, wet, I sucked one by one. I opened my purse and pulled out a card and a pen, wrote my number, handed it to him and then I left the room.

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