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I got the music hall early to observe people. While waiting the doors open I had a coffee and lost myself in the bookstore. Entered. Sat. Stalls at the tip. Quietly watched the movement, people coming hasty, seeking their places. The third sign announced that the concert would begin soon.

The lights go out. Enters the orchestra. Enter the Spalla. The musicians tune the instruments. And that sound makes my senses alert. Enters the conductor. Smiles, cheers. And the music starts. Mozart. Symphony No. 32 in G Major, KV 318.

Gentle, thought-provoking, the music took my entire body. And the mind. Thoughts boiled, flew.

Although Bach is my favorite composer, sex should be done to the sound of Wagner; passion consumed to the sound of Liszt and Mozart is to make love, sex and passion. It’s perfection.

The senses sharpened.


I closed my eyes and scoured his body with my mouth, my eagerness. Following the rhythm of the music my tongue walked by the colors, the notes, his skin.

My mind explodes into an orgasm that spreads through the body in the final chord.

Come on L. Come listen to music with me. xxx

If you want to listen the Simphony, click here.

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