Messing Up The Sheets

We had not met for a long time so when we finally did this is what took place after 15 seconds … … and then we did it like 10 times that same afternoon. Guess what the sheets looked like after that … <3 <3 .


Jörmungandr. The Midgard Serpent. The World Serpent. A norse ouroboros. Viking. I want L flood it with his spunk.


They decided they are ready to take further steps the next time they meet. Photos and videos showing more of them, what they want, what they do. And especially one in which he cum on her face. The conversation left her horny and he with the promise that she would masturbate intensely and then tell…

Le Vernisssage

I’m pornographic, perverted, but I like art and whenever I can, I go to any event and a grand opening is always fun and busy. I went yesterday to one of these events. Paintings, sculptures, performances, installations. I was wearing a black set of broad and long pantaloons. Red satin shoes. Nothing to call attention.…

Tit Playing

They play with Ð’s new tits for the first time. If the vid doesn’t load you can watch at Xvideos or at Xtube.