A woman can be satisfied with just one finger. Don’t be proud of the size of your cock, be pride in knowing how to use it.

At The Office

I was at the office when L called me on chat.   L: hi, I am on the run. just wanted to say that i long so much to tasting spunk with you! Ð: that would be really great. thx. L: yes Ð: you made me wet… L: good, i want you wet all the time. it should run…

The Tube

The Ðevil wanted some new piercings made so we decide to take a ride with the tube to Ouch Tattoo out in Ealing. On the way out from central London we had such a nice chat. Things come so natural with her. We talked about our plans for that evening, she wanted us to focus on her ass…

Nails – Week 4

Black is my colour and fits my nails perfectly. What do you think? Sorry about the quality. If you cannot watch here try direct in Xtube or Xvideos.