Impressions Journey

The Tube

The Ðevil wanted some new piercings made so we decide to take a ride with the tube to Ouch Tattoo out in Ealing. On the way out from central London we had such a nice chat. Things come so natural with her. We talked about our plans for that evening, she wanted us to focus on her ass this time.

The Ðevil has such a nice but very tight ass that she wishes to open up. She works on it each week but we still have a long way to go. We had brought some toys with us to London to be able to penetrate her ass and we also passed by a Boots store and purchaed some rubber gloves well adapted for the purpose.

There were so many things to talk through on the short tube ride as a preparation for the evening, what position she should be in, what toys to use and in what order, should L penetrate only with his hands or also penetrate with his hard cock (somehow L walks around having a hard cock most of the time when the Ðevil is around), what about filming the event or would that make us loose focus and take away part of the pleasure …

It’s amazing how fast those 40 minutes on the tube passed! I still wonder what that young woman next to us though about or very open and direct dialogue, she anyhow listened very attentively all the way out to Ealing …



  1. Your comments make both me as the owner and the devil very happy and pleased. The devil has promised me to publish a couple of more pics for you as a small incentive :-) / Master L

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