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The Debut

Thinking back it still feels somewhat surrealistic, did it really happen or was it a dream?… It all happened during our visit to Hamburg last year. We both decided that it was time to take another step in our relationship and step out of our comfort zones, so we did.

I had checked around on the net before arrival and had chosen Altona Swinger Club as our destination. It was to be our first visit together to a swinger club and they were arranging a gang bang party. The first preparation was a trip to Reeperbahn, close to our hotel. The street is filled up with sex shops and we needed to find some attractive outfits for the coming evening event. It was not easy to chose, what seamed to be in fashion for both men and women was glossy PVC or leather, colour black of coarse.

Remember, My Ðevil, how fun we had trying out different outfits, one more extreme than the other? Finally we opted for two similar arrangements in thin and tight leather. We wanted to show that we belonged together. I was to wear tight black leather pants with double broad zippers in the crouch so my genitals could be fully exposed while still wearing the tight pants. To this, I decided to wear my cool black boots and a very tight white T-shirt. The Ðevil did my make-up to enhance my appearance!

For the Ðevil we decided to go for a ultra short black leather dress and thin stay-ups with a simple straight seam in the back. The length barely covered her juicy pussy and she wore no underwear. The Ðevil was going to show up a lot during that evening… The dress – which was so tight that getting into it was a challenge itself – had short tight sleeves and had a magic push-up open front that exposed her breasts in a fantastic way. To this she wore a pair of black PVC platform boots, I guess 16 cm high or so. Bright red rather long nails, rings on all fingers and the black leather “dog” collar. Make-up, very heavy black that matched her, at that time, deep red hair.

It took us several hours just to get dressed, we were so excited and to be honest I think it took 2 extra hours because we couldn’t stop ourselves from fucking several times that afternoon. Do you remember? I forced you to take me deep throat so you had to throw up. By 20.00 or so it was time to go. We were both a little nervous, not least for how to get to the place. It was obvious what we had in mind and we realised that just walking through the hotel lobby and finding a taxi would create a stir among people. A yes I cherish that memory!



  1. It was a surprise to see that this post was written by L. As a woman, I find it very intriguing to know how men feel. This is such a lovely website and I can’t stop reading and watching. Congrats!

    1. Dear Ms. Sweetchilli,

      L is a very special man. I never thought I could meet a man as him in my life.
      And it’s really nice to know you like it. No woman ever right to us. Thank you.
      Hope you come always to “meet us”. Thx a lot.


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